Sunday, August 31, 2008

Class Introduction

I have to admit that I approached the start of a new semester with trepidation this week. After my year of part-time work and full-time grad school last year, I have gotten used to a more flexible schedule. Now work is full-time, and I still want to fit in two classes. I need my classes to grab my interest so I actually want to do the work and forget that it is homework I'm doing.

Voila! Instructional Technology for Diverse Cultures. The title alone interests me. But, then I went to class and discovered that we, the students, will have an input into the curriculum. Is there any better way to ensure the interest of your graduate students? Our main project is to teach our topic of choice. As my classmates introduced themselves, I was inspired by the varied backgrounds, but similar passion for learning that we all have. I am excited about the discussions we will have thinking about how instructional technologies affect diverse learners.

Let the learning begin!

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